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What if you didn’t have a to-do list?

We all have to-do lists. That’s life. But what if you didn’t? What if your to-do list was DONE? What if when the weekend came you didn’t need to rush around anywhere?

Balance InStyle wants to take your errands and chores OFF your plate, so you have more time for the things that move the needle forward in your business and more importantly move your soul.

Starting today, we’re inviting you to find out what a blank to-do list looks like so you can get chic done!To do list help

It’s about free time to do anything you want.

  • It’s about balance.
  • It’s about sleeping in and realizing that your life is the greatest work of art you will ever be commissioned to do.
  • It’s all about YOU!

Balance InStyle wants to suck the stress out of your life. We want to take on the things that weigh you down so you can experience what life is like without all the adulting, even if just for a little while.

We’re challenging you to be your most creative, most productive, most euphoric selves ­­­— by making time for all of the things that really matter most to you. We would LOVE to wear all your hats and handle all your must do’s so you can get on with all your love to. Isn’t it time? Aren’t you worth it?

Does this sound familiar? You’re burning both ends of the candle, rushing around from here to there, homework, after school sports, cooking meals, working, trying, pleasing, failing, laughing, crying. Trying to be enough. Trying to get it all done. Trying to beat the clock. Be available for your tribe. Give back to your community, clean the house, do all the groceries. Do do, do. Ever noticed…that that list never really gets done? It just keeps going and going. That’s unless we do something about it. Unless we change our thinking. Unless we find a better way.

Balance InStyle wants to be that better way!

Take a seat. Take a breath. Take a minute. Take a nap. Take a candlelit bath. Buy yourself some flowers. Take yourself on a date. Get taken out on a date. Take some time to take care of yourself and the people you love most. Surrender to the slow-it- down. Make time to BE and not DO, it’s imperative if you want to innovate and create a life worth living. Push pause and add time for YOU to your blank to-do list.

Remember: You are worthy. Of great love, great laughter, a great life, more time, a job that moves your soul and a life that has you excited and grateful for the next breath. Extend your hand and accept the invitation to RSVP to your best life, NOW.

We want to see the proof. What would your life look like if you didn’t have to do errands and chores all the adulting mundane stuff to do? Snap a pic Follow us on InstagramTwitter or Facebook tag and upload pics of you doing something you LOVE and wish you could do more of. Tell us your story, and show us what #tododone means to you — you could win $375 of Balance InStyle in credit. Make sure to tell us what #tododone means to you in your caption and make sure you tag us in order for a chance to win!