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Time is not refundable.

Time is precious and it is invaluable. It’s one of the most powerful factors in life because our life is measured in terms of time. We have developed clocks and watches to indicate its flow. We have invented dates, days and years to indicate and measure time. We grow in time, live in time and perish in time. The old saying goes: “Once time

Work on-not–In your business

I recently read a great article by Richard Branson on the art of delegation. In the article, he says “Work On–not–in your business”.

Work On-not–In your business: Seems like a novel idea but daunting at first. However as your business grows,

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Do you manage your time like you do your money?

Most of us think carefully about how we invest our money, but how many of us put as much thought into how we invest our time? You can always earn more money, but when time is gone, it’s gone. You’re the only one who can spend YOUR time, and how you spend your time reveals your true VALUES.

Some might say their health

Virtual Assistant

Ransomware: What Can You Do to Protect Your Business from an Attack

At Balance InSytle, we care about the integrity and security of our client’s personal information above all else, but we’re also in the business of saving our clients time AND money.  Today we’d like to introduce you to an amazing company located here


What? Deodorant can do all of that?

We all love making our lives easier, right?  Now that spring has sprung and the warmer weather is upon us, we thought we’d share some insanely awesome tips and ways you can use your deodorant. If you’re going to slather your skin with the product, we recommend using a natural formula that is aluminum free.



The secret weapon of ultra-productive business leaders.

Did you know that personal concierge services are the fastest growing segment of the service industry in North America? Research expects the industry to reach more than $250 million in revenues by next year. According to Statistics Canada, we spend almost 30% of our waking hours doing unpaid labor, from cooking and laundry to