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Overwhelmed? Drowning in your own life? I can relate.

“I need to do some comparative analysis and figure out if this new initiative is profitable. I need to write a newsletter. I need to send/respond to emails to retailers, vendors, partners. I need to follow up on emails that have gone unreturned. I need to book my travel for my conference next week. I need to pay attention to our supply chain problems.


5 things you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant today.

Virtual personal assistants are a great resource for any entrepreneur or small business. No need for another full-time salary and the associated overhead costs.

We have become a generation who will not wait and are used to instantaneous results. A decade ago many of us avoided or rejected the concept of buying clothes online. Online retailers


Be Prepared For Spring Thaw

Be prepared for spring flooding

Recently, flooding in Canada has become more frequent and severe. With spring thaw ahead and greater precipitation predicted in some areas, the risk of flooding is especially high. In an effort to reduce your home’s risk of water damage, and protect what matters most, we encourage you


Why most people fail at achieving their goals

We’re almost 6 weeks into 2017 it’s a great time to check in to see how successful we’ve been in keeping our New Year Resolutions. If you’re like nearly 80% of us who make resolutions, then you this stat might shock you, that nearly that many fail by Super Bowl Sunday and that was last weekend. A staggering 5% of us will have


Men’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and the pressure is mounting to do it right.  We see it all the time with our clients, mainly men calling in a panic at the last minute. Dying to impress but coming up short on ideas. While I can’t tell you what the love of your life really really wants for Valentine’s day, I can surely shed some light on things that

Productivity Freeway Exit Sign

Organize Your To-Do List into these 3 Categories

A recent Harvard Business Review Study found that on average, workers spend around 41% of their time on tasks that “offer little personal satisfaction and could be handled competently by others, aka OUTSOURCED! Let’s do the math, that’s almost half of our available time each day spent on mundane