A Different Way To Spring Clean.

The term spring and cleaning is used metaphorically for any kind of heavy duty cleaning or organizing enterprise and typically takes place in colder climates when spring has sprung and it’s time to give the house an airing out.

We live in a disposal society where everything gets trashed and convenience is king. With countless of disposable goods on the market, from coffee pods to make-up wipes, candles, and deodorizing plug-ins, landfills end up being the resting home for all of it  – plus things we just want to get rid of or have outgrown.

With that in mind and proper disposal of your trash or outgrown treasures, spring cleaning doesn’t need to be such a big deal.

Here are some tips to consider when you tackle your spring clean.

Donate: Don’t dump it! Donate it. Habitat for Humanity in Ottawa accepts e-waste and turns them into homes for humanity. Working in partnership with electronic stewardship programs, select ReStores are providing an eco-friendly way to recycle over 20 different types of household electronics. Recyclable items range from televisions and computers to turntables and speakers, and proceeds help build affordable housing in your community. Purge AND give back – win-win!

Recycle: Why throw it out when you can make a few dollars back by recycling.  AIM recycling centre’s in Ottawa makes recycling easy and profitable — for you! Bring them your metal and they’ll give you money on the spot.

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • All types of Aluminum
  • Batteries
  • Old gym equipment
  • Insulated copper wire
  • Household appliances
  • TV’s

Sell it:  This might require a little more time and effort, but it might be worth it for the bigger ticket items that you no longer have use for. Kijiji, Used Ottawa, Craigslist and even community Facebook pages make it easy to put things up for sale. If you have lots of stuff and listing them all isn’t very convenient consider a garage sale.

Swap it: This is a great excuse to get your friends together. Put aside all the items that you haven’t found a home for, invite 10 friends do the same and have them over to try on clothes, swap trinkets, pots and pans and books over wine. A great way to revive your wardrobe and discover new finds. After all, one man’s trash IS another man’s treasure.