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Balance InStyle’s Christmas Miracle

Do you remember when you were a child and you had that one special wish? You would write to Santa and whisper in his ear at the mall and would even go as far as to include that special wish in your prayers every night.?

This year Balance InStyle wants to give you a chance to Pay It Forward and nominate someone who deserves a Christmas miracle.

We are in the business of making miracles happen every day for our clients. Be it tracking down that lost passport, planning the perfect proposal, (she said yes!) getting same day courtside seats to the NBA game, getting Teddy back home safely after he was left in a cab in another country, purchasing and sending a new outfit to the hotel for our client who was rerouted and lost his luggage or simply granting a dying wish for a young lady. We make things happen. We are the people you call when there is just NO APP for that!

We know that sometimes life happens. Sometimes you find yourself just praying for a miracle, be it for yourself, or a loved one. Even though the holidays are such a magical time of year, they can often bring stress to some families. This year we want to do our best to lighten that load for someone deserving. If you know someone that could use a Christmas miracle, we would love to know about their story. With so much magic in the air, you never know what can happen!

How to Enter:

  1. Please email your story to Share your story in as much detail as possible and be sure to include full names and contact information of yourself, the nominee as well as two references to verify your story.
  2. You must be a fan of ours on Facebook/Twitter in order to qualify
  3. The nominee must be a resident of Ottawa, Ontario.
  4. You must share a version of your story on our page on Facebook using the #balanceinstylechristmasmiracle or mention us on Twitter using the same #balanceinstylechristmasmiracle
  5. Our Contest will close at midnight on Friday Dec 4th, 2015 so we can get busy making a miracle happen.

Fine Print:

We will make every effort to grant the wish prior to Christmas. This is our intention, however, factors are dependent on the wish and the lengths we need to go in order to grant the wish. We are not guaranteeing that your letter will be picked, they will all be read. There is a committee of elves that will read through each and every wish submitted. We are looking for wishes that move us. Make us laugh, make us cry and move our souls.
We are not Oprah, while we have connections the wish should be doable and reasonable. All wishes should be purposeful. Please avoid merely sending a laundry-list of material items. You must have a social media account to participate and you must adhere to the above requirements. Both Facebook & Twitter are free! We reserve the right to cancel this contest at anytime.

Thank you for taking part in our Christmas Miracle Wish and we look forward to reading all your stories.

Remember to keep the faith and keep believing in the magic of the season…