Be Prepared For Spring Thaw

Be prepared for spring flooding

Recently, flooding in Canada has become more frequent and severe. With spring thaw ahead and greater precipitation predicted in some areas, the risk of flooding is especially high. In an effort to reduce your home’s risk of water damage, and protect what matters most, we encourage you to follow these simple steps to make your home more flood resilient.

1. Ensure downspouts are connected and extend at least six feet from your basement wall to steer water away from your home.
2. Set up a rain barrel to collect overflow water and prevent ground accumulation.


1.  Shovel snow from your foundation and window wells so water doesn’t accumulate.
2. Consider getting a professional to remove the snow from your roof or use a roof rake and ladder.
3. Clear leaves, twigs and other debris from eavestroughs and window wells. Wear work gloves, safety glasses, and use a safe and sturdy ladder, if necessary.
4. Ensure nearby storm drains, culverts and drainage ditches are clear to keep water flowing into sewers.


1. Ensure your sump pump and/or backflow valve is working properly.Seal any cracks in your foundation walls or basement floors where accumulated water may get in, and repair any cracks or leaks in downspouts.
2.Check that your sidewalks, patios/decks or driveway haven’t shifted during winter, allowing water to drain back towards your house.
3.Take inventory of your basement items and consider moving valuables to another floor.An extra tip: Wait until the possibility of frost has passed before re-opening exterior water valves to avoid pipes freezing and bursting.