Why most people fail at achieving their goals

We’re almost 6 weeks into 2017 it’s a great time to check in to see how successful we’ve been in keeping our New Year Resolutions. If you’re like nearly 80% of us who make resolutions, then you this stat might shock you, that nearly that many fail by Super Bowl Sunday and that was last weekend. A staggering 5% of us will have succeeded in reaching our goals if at all. Why is that?

There are two reasons why we’re so bad at reaching our goals: The first is that we bite off more than we can chew because we are eager for change, but lack a vision, a plan or clear goals. The second reason we fail to achieve success is that old habits die hard, and when there aren’t simple rituals and disciplines in place, we tend to dance with the devil we already know instead of staying the course.

A great question to ask yourself is: Are you really being productive or are you just busy? Often you get to the end of the day and think, “ Whoa I was busy all day, but what did I really accomplish and what do I have to show for being sooooo busy?” Goals give us more than just a target to aim for, they help us change our behavior and create new habits. It’s really easy to get off-course in life. Like airplanes, we constantly need to make course corrections to stay the path to arrive at our destination.

If you haven’t made any strides with your goals thus far; fret not we have 11 more months left in 2017. Some great questions to help you get on your way would be:

  • What is your destination? ( your endgame/goal ) If you don’t know, set one.
  • How are you going to get there? ( strategy, mind map, team, resources )
  • How off course are you at this point? ( you gotta know where you are in order to get where you’re going )
  • How can you minimize the pot holes or the turbulence in your life to get you to your destination?
  • How committed are you?

Most of us have tons of things we “hope” to do, would “like” to do, “should” do, but they aren’t a MUST. If something isn’t a MUST, it will never get done and there will always be an excuse. Fundamentally, there are two kinds of decisions you can make: intellectual decisions and emotional decisions. Once you understand these things on an emotional level, you are able to turn your shoulds into MUSTS. This is the pivotal point, this is the game changer, this is when you get leverage on yourself. This is when you’re compelled to take action. A decision is not a real decision until it is a MUST for you, until you feel it on a cellular level, until and you are compelled to take action.

It’s really easy to get off-course with our goals if we aren’t careful. Like airplanes and road trips, we have to constantly make course corrections to stay on course. Once you have a vision and a destination, hustle, but wait … there’s one last piece, you must decide to commit.

The moment you claim to be committed to something in your life, the universe will be sure to test that commitment so it can weed out the imposters. The question becomes, are you willing to take the hits again and again and slay the imposters to move into the land of ALL possibilities where YOUR dreams actually do come true? Are you willing to be knocked down over and over again, but continue to get back up, because you know that on the other side of the “testing ground” is the EPIC life you’ve been dreaming about.

TRUTH TALK: That one final push that takes everything you’ve got is to see just how dedicated you TRULY are… FYI this is where most people quit, don’t be like everyone else. Each setback is actually a set up for your success; you’re getting closer and closer to your dream. Take action and when the curveball comes your way, decide you are more committed to that epic dream then the safety of the known.

Commit. Hustle. Success.