Some people are just born to be superheroes. We’re here to help them.

We’re in the business of helping incredible people do incredible things because they have more time to be amazing!

We’re profiling a rockstar client who does it all with a little help from us. Robin Harper works four jobs and not that he’s not busy enough already he decided to start his own business about a year ago.  Talk about serial entrepreneur! We love it because we can relate.

“I found that while getting the “big” things done was attainable, it was the little things that I got behind on. Six months into this new juggling act it was the little things that were starting to have a HUGE impact on my business, as well as my personal life. I was eating take out all the time because I didn’t have time to cook or shop. I always working late and missing personal time with my spouse, forgetting to follow up on that low priority business email, double booking meetings, missing birthdays or social events… you get the drill. I needed a sidekick, someone that would keep me on track, get me going with a “system” to make sure I’m doing what I need to do and take care of the little things I didn’t have time to do”.

This is when Robin learnt about Balance InStyle and reached out to set up his first meeting.  After a few hours of pitching and catching and downloading his life to us, he handed over his calendar, his stay awake issues and we started to craft a plan to get his life back on track. The results were immediate.

Balance InStyle have given me back my sanity and then some.  They are always at the other end of my SOS and not only help with my business needs but my personal stuff too, they truly deliver balance back to your life, which has greatly improved my attitude, confidence, my relationship with my spouse and overall happiness. I’m still pretty amazed at how quickly they respond, and the things they’re able to do.

“I’m getting married in a few weeks and they’ve been my side every step of the way from finding us a replacement Officiant to day and overnight care for our fur babies come wedding day.  I don’t know how I went so long without them! There’s literally NOTHING they can’t do. Go ahead, ask. I dare you.”

We at Balance InStyle want to wish you and your lovely bride to be all the best on your upcoming day. Oh ya, we blocked your calendar!

Everyone needs a little help. Try an hour of our virtual services on us!