Is Outsourcing Right For You?

Outsourcing the routine and adult stuff that crowds your everyday life is as easy as ordering a Uber: No really. Call, text, email, or even tweet your requests and you can consider it done. Unlike some virtual assistant services, you are actually dealing with real people at Balance InStyle who can pay immediate attention to your needs. Oh, and so long as its legal, moral and ethical you’d be surprised what you can pay somebody to do.  From booking travel to scheduling client meeting to planning the perfect proposal, to home renovation, to breaking up with someone.

Some quick math for you: If you remove three zeros off of your income and halve it, that’s roughly your hourly income (assuming 40 hours per week average and two weeks of vacation per year). So, if you make $50,000 per year, you make approximately $25 per hour. So now you can do the math and figure out if its worth it for you to hire someone else to do the things that you don’t like doing or simply don’t have the time to get done.

Your time is worth something. If you truly loathe a certain task—be it be grocery shopping, cleaning, or making collection calls to clients—why not outsource the task so you can spend those hours actually doing something that moves your soul? They say you should outsource your weaknesses so you can focus on your strengths. Stay in your Picasso zone. It’s really a case where money can actually buy you happiness and you can reclaim one of life’s most limited resources: Time.

Did you know that we will likely waste more than 900 million hours waiting on hold this year, according to an analysis of more than four million phone calls from consumers to businesses released this week by mobile advertising analytics firm Marchex. And a survey by text-message service TalkTo found that more than half of us say they spend 10 to 20 minutes every week — or 43 days of their life — on hold. That’s 43 hours too many.

Outsourcing frees our clients up to 7 hours a week. Time now spent with family, friends or moving the needle forward in their business. Our services allow our clients to focus on the meaningful while outsourcing the mundane adult things that crowd their productivity.

Outsourcing is as easy at 1-2-3 and if spending a few dollars can save you a few hours, it’s a win-win. Like anything in life, you need to put in the time to gain the reward. Be as detailed and clear as possible with your requests, and make sure that your VA or Concierge is insured if they are entering your home or handling any of your personal information.

Virtual reality is quickly becoming our new reality and on-demand and outsourcing services are going to be as commonplace as the smartphone. A true sign of success will be people who have used these tools to reclaim their greatest of asset of all: Time.

We offer free consultations, so nothing to lose but more time. Here are some quick ways to reach us 613-440-4446 or Facebook or Twitter. Whatever works for you, works for us!