Welcome to Balance InStyle’s Headquarters

An office space is a reflection of a company’s culture and vision. Our environment at Balance InStyle was created to help inspire and motivate our team and welcome and puts our clients at ease when they visit. From the moment you walk into our 2500 sq ft headquarters you will find wall to wall windows of bright natural light, bright welcoming walls lined with quotes of inspiration and offices, boardroom and sitting areas infused with personality.

The beauty of what we do here at Balance InStyle is that we never know what to expect when we start our work day. Every day is different because our clients needs are different. The one thing that is constant though is our commitment and our devotion to our clients.

Our clients range from large corporations, small businesses, start-ups to busy families and working professionals.  Although their specific needs are different, the one thing they all have in common is that they know the value of their time, they’re all short on it and they rely on Balance InStyle to make stuff happen. We get supercharged by helping our clients check things off their list that otherwise would just carry over from one day to the next.  We get excited when we are presented with a challenge. We love providing instantaneous solutions and leaving our client in awe. Just the other day one of our clients said ” OMG really? That worked? I love this service!” That’s what drives us the most, overdelivering. That’s our mantra.

Our clients busy lives inspire us to be more, do more and help them feel as though someone is always available no matter how mundane or insane the request is. Yes, after 9 years we’ve pretty much seen it all.

Our clients busy lives inspire us to be more, do more, think outside the proverbial box. It’s this passion to provide solutions for our clients that drives our team.

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