Men’s Guide To Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming and the pressure is mounting to do it right.  We see it all the time with our clients, mainly men calling in a panic at the last minute. Dying to impress but coming up short on ideas. While I can’t tell you what the love of your life really really wants for Valentine’s day, I can surely shed some light on things that you should potentially avoid. The classic go-to’s are dinner out, lingerie, clothes, roses, chocolates, and jewelry.

Dinner Out: So in my opinion, if there is one night of the year you should never, ever make a reservation to go out for a romantic dinner it’s Valentine’s day. I don’t think there is anything less romantic than a jammed packed restaurant that is rushing people in and out of to accommodate their two seating’s for the night. The menus are generally fixed, the prices are higher than the norm and the staff is busier than ever trying to turn over the tables for the next round of reservations. God forbid you aren’t finished dinner by the time the next reservation arrives. Evil stare down. Save the outing for a less busy evening where you can truly enjoy each other’s company.

The solution: Make a romantic meal at home. Chill some bubbly and light some candles and put on a great playlist. If you’re not great in the kitchen try ordering from Chefs Plate or Hello Fresh. All the ingredients arrive at your door fresh with the recipe card enclosed. Instant chef, or at least points for trying!

Lingerie: Just Don’t. Don’t do it. You’re more likely to get it wrong than to get it right. There is way too much room for error on this one. Too big sends her a message that you think she is larger than she is and there’s no recovering from that, and too small gives her body complex issues which woman have enough of on their own.

The solution: Skip this idea altogether unless you are doing it together. If you insist on the little pink and black Victoria Secret bag – then opt for a gift card. Problem solved.

Chocolates: Skip the giant size velvet box chocolates. She likely just finished a juice detox or cleanse in January to kick herself into high gear for 2017 or is back working out, after all summer bodies are made in the winter. So likely not the best, most thoughtful gift idea.

The Solution: If she is a die hard chocoholic, then opt for great quality chocolates or a small assortments chocolates that you can leave on a plate by the bath with a glass of bubbly. Or a little chocolate fondue with fruit. Less is more.

Flowers: Flowers are a big yes IF you do it right. Forget last minute, grocery store stops on the way home. She’ll know. Trust me. Think beautiful, feminine and thoughtful. They don’t even need to be roses, they’re often overpriced anyways. A larger assortment of her favorite flowers with a romantic card will do the trick. Maybe send flowers from her wedding bouquet if you’re married? See, it’s all about the thoughtfulness behind the gesture. If you really want to score big points have them sent to work, or to the gym when she arrives. It’s about the unexpected, thought that goes into the gifting.  Even a single rose under her windshield. Women like that kind of chivalry.

Jewelry: My feeling is if you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all. Small little trinkets and fake jewelry are a waste of money. 75% of the jewelry men gift on Valentine’s day never gets worn more than once. If you can’t nail her style and taste and don’t have the budget. Opt out.

Suggestion: You can never go wrong with little diamond studs. Or a charm bracelet that can be built upon over time. Your love story as a reminder around her wrist. That’s romantic and even kids and family can help build the story with future celebrations.

It all comes down to this: Thoughtful gifting from the heart. Don’t stress, women are not as complicated as you think. ?

Happy Love Day!