The Uberfication Of Everything

We have become a generation who will not wait; and are used to instantaneous results. With all the technology at our fingertips, there’s no longer any reason why we should wait.

A decade ago many of us avoided or rejected the concept of buying clothes online.  Online retailers are now among the fasted growing eCommerce businesses of any industry, and bricks and mortar retailers are having a hard time keeping their lights on thanks to smartphones and free returns.

We must give Uber the credit for this on-demand service revolution. Whether you like their ethics or not, they have managed to achieve the status of becoming a verb; and who doesn’t want to Uberfy their business anyway?

Food is also quickly becoming an important on-demand service, and delivery has become necessary for restaurants and grocery stores to stay competitive. Thanks to Amazon, same-day delivery has become a must in retail and it’s almost expected. What’s next?

Outsourcing your life is what’s trending. Undoubtedly, many of us have similar reservations about booking help with ‘home duties’ or ‘personal tasks’ through a service, but one has to wonder – in this world of increasing automation and home connectivity – whether these concerns will one day be overcome in the same way they were for online retailing? Afterall, it is quickly becoming the new norm so why fight something that is designed to make your life easier and give you back the one thing that you lack? TIME.

Why wouldn’t you hire someone to assemble your Ikea furniture or run your errands and clean your home? It’s like having a version of Alice from The Brady Bunch, Mr Clean and sweet version of  your mom all rolled into one silently replenishing, anticipating your needs and picking up after you while you’re at work.

While Carson on Downton Abbey, can be summoned instantaneously by his lord with the ring a bell, similar services are available at the touch of your smartphone and exist in your own backyard. If you looking for ways to win the war with time , we’d love to book a chemistry call. While we don’t have any royal connections … yet, we do have a few superhuman powers that are sure to impress.