When you should hire a virtual personal assistant

A VPA is a worthwhile investment for your business if you find that you are:

  1. Procrastinating. This generally happens because you don’t have the resources, knowledge, or skill proficiency to do it well. Outsource to someone who does.
  2. You’re dreading a task and keep putting it off until tomorrow.  If you view the task with dread rather than excitement, this signals that you don’t actually want to do it. This means that you won’t bring the level of passion and ownership that you would if you were excited about it. Outsource it!
  3. You don’t think you are AMAZING at this task. Find an expert who is. They will likely get it done in half the amount of time and it will be less expensive than doing it yourself. Know your own ROI.

If you think you could use more time in your day doing things you care about instead of dealing with menial tasks, you should look into hiring a virtual personal assistant. Caution: They are addictive if you find the right one.

Imagine what would happen if you never had to make calls around for dinner reservations, hair appointments, car services, doctors’ appointments, price-shopping, Fedex re-delivery, meeting calendar coordinations, travel plans or chasing down your own accounts receivables?

With the rise of the Internet, so has the offerings of virtual assistants. If you think about it, most professional relationships today are virtual, and business is either conducted over the phone of via email so it’s not a far stretch from the way that you are doing business anyways.

Virtual IS quickly becoming the new reality. So if you find you have tasks that doesn’t need your personal attention, outsource it to a VPA.

Knowing and understanding how to scale your business effectively is key to your productivity and success. If it doesn’t make financial sense to hire a full-time employee, but having an extra set hands on call for projects or during crunch time is essential to your growth, it’s probably time to look at hiring a virtual personal assistant.