Karen Sanghera

Operation Jersey

In the fall of 2009, we received a call to assist a new client with a unique request..to help export their beloved fur baby, Jersey, to Australia.

Karen and Kuldip had been transferred to Australia for a two-year term and wanted to bring Jersey on their Australian adventure.

With the quarantine and health checks being so strict, they had already begun the process of blood work, immunizations, and setting up quarantine, however, there was still much to do before Jersey could leave Canada, so they had to leave without him.

Kuldips sister was tasked to take care of Jersey while he awaited the green light to leave, however, she had a full student schedule and was unable to assist in other than housing the dog.

We jumped into action and happily picked up where they had left off in the project.

  • Researched all the rules and regulations to ensure that the export to Australia would be successful
  • Picked up Jersey and brought  him to vet appointments for blood work, microchip install, and clearance checkups.
  • Purchased travel crate and accessories and made sure that there was a personal item of Karen or Kuldips in the crate for comfort.
  • Took Jersey in for a final grooming as he would be in quarantine for 6 months following his arrival in Australia.
  • Filled out all documents and faxed to Air Canada Cargo
  • Coordinated a CFIA Vet to meet us at the airport to inspect the dog and seal the crate.
  • Purchased Jerseys plane ticketand bid him adieu!

All of the Government of Australia rules, regulations and timelines for this project were very strict.  Jersey had failed one of his blood tests which delayed his departure as he had to be re-tested.  By the time that all the checklist was complete, there was a window of 5 days to get Jersey out of the country, or we would have had to start the process all over again.

Jersey was successfully reunited with his family following the quarantine.

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