Fall Leaves

Ready or not here comes fall.

Don’t let Fall get you down

Yes, I know…the end-of-summer blues are somewhat inevitable, at least for some of us. We thrive off the warm temperatures, beachfronts, and of course, the longer days. But that being said, we should still be able to embrace the turn of season with open arms. Any change in season has the ability to bring with it hope, charm, and in some ways, opportunities for a new start. If you’re struggling with the idea of relishing in the cooler, crispness of the fall season, let me try to help you.

Clothing shift (hello, knitted sweaters!)

It’s true that we take comfort in not having to bundle up in the summer and that showing a bit of skin in the warmer months can be liberating, but paving the way for some new, seasonal looks can be just as rewarding! Packing away those outfits that you just know won’t see the light of day now that summer is over is one of the obvious ways to get in gear for the new season. Fall outfits don’t have to be heavy or boring, they can be cozy and confident. Think of all the new looks you can bring to the forefront. Boots, sweaters, funky leggings…this is the time to be your most fashionable!

It also gives us an opportunity to get rid of what we no longer wear, and that doesn’t even have to limit us to summer clothes. I like to use the one year rule: if you haven’t worn it in a year, get rid of it. Some questions you can ask yourself during the process: how often do I wear this now? Am I annoyed with this piece of clothing every time I wear it? Do I hate having to iron it? If your closet seems endless, going through your clothes may seem like a chore, but trust me when I say that switching up your wardrobe can be very therapeutic.

Donating unwanted furniture

Who says spring is the only appropriate time for a cleanup? Your clothes don’t have to be only thing you purge. It may be time to decide what will last the season and what won’t – and yes, that absolutely can include furniture or other household items you no longer need.

Speaking of furniture, if you are planning to get rid of yours, I’d strongly recommend getting in touch with Ottawa-based organization Helping With Furniture. They are a completely volunteer-run charitable organization that ensure all donated gently used furniture will be put into homes of those in need. This could include (but is not limited to) refugee claimants, people displaced by house fires, or people who have fled from conflict.

Get your home Fall ready

Now is the time to check your roof and gutters to make sure they are free from anything that might clog them up in the winter, especially since leaves and twigs will soon be falling. Monitor your air filters and make sure the furnace is working properly. Check the windows and doors for holes or drafts. And let’s not forget the fireplace – make sure it’s clean and ready to go for the cooler nights that are on the way!

We can help you!

The beginning of fall means the start of a new quarter, and while technically we’re closer to the end of another calendar year, that doesn’t mean you can’t start the season on a cleaner slate. Clear your mind. If you had set goals back at the beginning of the year, where are you at right now? If you didn’t obtain your goals, do you have stuff on your plate you could be outsourcing? Do you need more time in order to be more effective? Are you having trouble managing your time or realizing its value? Does your to-do list appear to be never-ending?

It may seem like a lot of questions, but this is why we’re here! We at Balance InStyle want to help you get back one of your most precious commodities: time. There is no such thing as a task too big or difficult for our team, so if you’re finding the seasonal transition stressful or overwhelming, we’ll be there for you. We want to help you get back on track.  Any change in season can seem like a brand new chance to seize new and positive opportunities, so let us help you enjoy those opportunities!

Until the next time! SJ