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Relocation Services Ottawa

On November 19th, 2015, Brenda, a client of 3 years, contacted Balance InStyle to assist with a home acquisition and relocation.

A successful businesswoman and partner in her firm, Brenda was offered a promotion back in her hometown on the east coast. Part of the agreement with her firm was that if her house did not sell by the end of December, they would acquire it. After months of the house being on the market and us making regular weekly visits, the acquisition ball started rolling and Balance InStyle got the call to lead.

The acquisition company was based in Toronto with no representation on the ground here in Ottawa so all the home inspections, home appraisal appointments, coordination and overseeing trades to fix deficiencies not to mention report back with pictures and proof of work was our responsibility.

With an extremely demanding schedule, not to mention the geographic component, Brenda asked us to be her Ottawa doppelgänger. Once we completed the acquisition end of things, we were then tasked with creating an itemized list of her belongings including artwork (supported with picture), so she could divide them between 4 destinations in Nova Scotia prior to the trucks getting packed.

We devised and implemented a colour coding system to ensure that the movers packed the items according to the destination to avoid shipping confusion. We then took carloads of items that she no longer needed to various donation centres and shelters.

On packing and moving day, Balance InStyle was there alongside Brenda to ensure that any questions or concerns regarding the colour codes and items were addressed on the spot. We stayed until the last item was on the truck and the house was swept out and keys handed over.

All items were delivered successfully to their various locations and the client was extremely pleased with the outcome.

This is just one of the many ways that we make a difference in our clients lives. If you would like to learn more about our service offerings please visit our website