The secret weapon of ultra-productive business leaders.

Did you know that personal concierge services are the fastest growing segment of the service industry in North America? Research expects the industry to reach more than $250 million in revenues by next year. According to Statistics Canada, we spend almost 30% of our waking hours doing unpaid labor, from cooking and laundry to pet care and landscaping.

The word “Concierge” has a luxurious ring to it, but concierge services are not used only by 1% looking to charter private jets. Concierge services used to be only associated with high-end hotels or celebrities, but the new Concierge is more about saving time. Think of it like a personal assistant for you life. Someone who can take all of life’s little nunaces personal or professional and make them go away.

Few would argue that time is one of the most precious commodities we seem to be losing. Making a living consumes the bulk of our days, leaving less time to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

This complicates life, causing stress and lowering the quality of life.

Busy professionals, who have a million and one things to do, are now stepping back and asking themselves, “is this worth my time?” More and more busy people are outsourcing the little things they loathe so they focus on the things they love.

Finding the time to run errands, have an appliance repaired, taking the car in for an oil change, make vacation plans, plan a party, stock the fridge for that unexpected dinner guest can all be hard when you work full time.

The reason concierge services are become increasingly more popular is due to a universal problem: lack of time. People that enlist the help of reputable concierge service can literally put their life on auto-pilot. At Balance InStyle only hire the best and with just one call or email, we make all our client’s woes disappear. All of our employees and preferred vendors are bonded, signed confidentiality agreements and have all been security cleared for your protection. Only the best make the cut, people who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. From glamour to janitor no request is too mundane or insane.

With different client requests all the time, like one with a client who was moving to Australia and didn’t do their due diligence on bringing their beloved pet, leaving him stranded at the airport, or a very pregnant client who got locked out of the house and couldn’t climb through the basement window. It was Balance InStyle to the rescue!

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Outsourcing the routine and adult stuff that crowds your everyday life is as easy as ordering a Uber: No really. Call, text, email, or even tweet all your requests and you can consider it done.  From booking travel, scheduling client meetings, to planning the perfect proposal, coordinating and overseeing home renovations, to breaking up with someone. So long as it’s legal, moral and ethical you’d be surprised what you can pay somebody to do these days.

Why wouldn’t you hire someone to assemble your Ikea furniture or run your errands, clean your home or knock off your endless to-do list? The convenience of being able to send one email or make one phone call to cover a laundry list of tasks is priceless.

Let’s face it, adulting is hard! With increased demands at work and at home, the amount of time we all have to accomplish it all remains unchanged. In order to get more done in the same bandwidth of time, people need an extra set of hands and that’s what we love most about our job! Instant gratification! We’re like the pizza guy arriving at 3 am – People are always happy to see us!

Time … it is indeed our most precious commodity, yet sometimes we still act like we don’t know the value of time. Time management apps, books and blogs abound we still fight to make the most of every sunrise. We plan for the future yet neglect to cherish the present and try to cram all that goes with living into twenty-four hours while bargaining with Father Time, naively expecting him to produce more, accomplish more, be more.

Given that we can’t take time with us when we reach our final stop, it’s prudent to learn to master it instead of it mastering us. Something to think about as you unplug and recharge this long weekend.