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Realtors, don’t leave home without one!

Outsourcing is the new black and more and more companies are doing it, including real estate professionals. Spring markets are hot and although demanding schedules come with the title when you’re a relator, agents are now able to lighten the load significantly by delegating tasks to virtual assistants.

The reason for this reason influx according to the various agents that we’re supporting is that they are getting bogged down in tasks that are typically considered as “non-dollar producing activities”. They are administrative in nature, repetitive, mundane and can be easily outsourced.

When you are self-employed, you’re your own business and time is your most valuable commodity. Maybe your profits are doubling, but likely your to-do list is also tripling. While you might be loving the success, you’re not likely loving the extra time it’s taking to get everything done. More customers often equal more content production, increased interaction with clients, scheduling showings, confirming showings, making sure the house is show ready, analysis of which marketing efforts are producing sales, and which are producing more costs. Who has time to manage all of that?

Most successful entrepreneurs are used to doing everything themselves, at least at some point in the game. But once your business grows to a certain point, doing it all alone is not practical. It actually hurts your growth and prevents you from really allowing your business to take off the way it could.

The truth is you can’t be your own assistant. Until you get one, you are one.

Some benefits to hiring a virtual assistant versus an employee are:

  • Virtual assistants are independent contractors which mean no payroll taxes, vacation pay, sick days, worker’s compensation and employee benefits;
  • Virtual assistants work remotely so you don’t have to worry about finding them an office and spending money to get them set up to support you;
  • Virtual assistants are hired on an as-needed basis and you only have to pay for the hours that you use their services;
  • Virtual assistants care about their business – it’s their livelihood and they want your business and referrals. This translates into superior service.

One of our clients recently sold their home but due to being relocated they weren’t in town to manage the closing which meant it would fall on the shoulders of the realtor.  It was an acquisition and was subject to a lengthy list of repairs that was schedule to take weeks due to the extent of the inspectors report. This is where our services were invaluable to the relator as we were able to set up all the various appointments, manage and oversee the repairs. Pay the vendors, produce reports for the acquisition company and assist the relator in closing on time successfully without them having to do any of the legwork. Time otherwise spent on nondollar producing activities.

If you’re an agent and you find yourself juggling too many tasks without enough time to prospect, consider hiring a virtual assistant to help so you can back to your dollar producing activities!