When there is no app for that!

Traveling back and forth across the globe for business can sometimes be stressful, add in an unexpected leg and important meeting when you don’t have a clean dress shirt and that’s where things could get tricky, well that’s if you didn’t have a Concierge to call.

One of our clients was trying to catch a flight to Ottawa from London England, when his trip took a sudden detour through Montreal for an important meeting. Scheduled to arrive in Montreal at 11:30p.m. — well after his favourite Harry Rosen’s closing hours — and with an important business meeting the next day at 7:30am. — well before opening hours — it was a race against time to come up with a solution.

Our client had faith we could make it happen and emailed us and told us to call his stylist at Harry’s and get her to send a shirt to his hotel in Montreal. Problem was, his stylist was on holidays, no one else knew his file. Add another layer to the mix, Harry Rosen in Montreal wouldn’t accept our credit card over the phone. Time was ticking and we needed to act. We knew his colourful personality and took his instructions of “send me something vibrant to go with my 3 piece Navy Boss Suit. I normally wear a watermelon or something vibrant. No boring white shirts please!” Off to Harry Rosen in Ottawa we went!

The pickings were slim and time was tight. We’d missed the inter-company transfer so we needed to get our 2 options picked out and get it out to Fedex at the Ottawa Airport in order to get it to The W Hotel in time for our clients early morning meeting.

We made it 10 minutes before cut off. When our client finally arrived in Montreal at 1:30am, with just a few short hours to spare, his crisp clean dress shirts were waiting for him in his room.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where there is no app for that and you don’t know who to call Balance InStyle is here to save the day! #Conciergesavestheday