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Double Your Efficiency by Using A Virtual Assistant.

If you’ve started to feel overwhelmed and are thinking of hiring a Virtual Assistant, the first thing to do is to determine which tasks are outsource-able.

There are dozens of tasks that are either repetitive, distracting, mundane or that can be better addressed by someone else thus getting it off your plate and freeing

Karen Sanghera

Operation Jersey

In the fall of 2009, we received a call to assist a new client with a unique request… help export their beloved fur baby, Jersey, to Australia.

Karen and Kuldip had been transferred to Australia for a two-year term and wanted to bring Jersey on their Australian adventure.

With the quarantine and health checks

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Extreme Home Makeover

Kevin and his family have been clients of Balance InStyle for 9 years.  Over the years, they have entrusted us with from everything from errands to home renovations, interior design, managing construction, and handling all deficiency with trades in their condo ( 3-month endeavour) annual themed events, management meetings, outings

brenda b

Relocation Services Ottawa

On November 19th, 2015, Brenda, a client of 3 years, contacted Balance InStyle to assist with a home acquisition and relocation.

A successful businesswoman and partner in her firm, Brenda was offered a promotion back in her hometown on the east coast. Part of the agreement with her firm was that if her house did not sell

5. Complementary

Super Bowl Popcorn – The Blue M&M vs Orange M&M

We are all about saving you time and thinking outside the box and since Game Day is almost upon us, and we thought we’d share a fun, quick treat to suit both players attending your Super Bowl Party. If you’re attending a party this will trump any dip, any day.


Is Outsourcing Right For You?

Outsourcing the routine and adult stuff that crowds your everyday life is as easy as ordering a Uber: No really. Call, text, email, or even tweet your requests and you can consider it done. Unlike some virtual assistant services, you are actually dealing with real people at Balance InStyle