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Balance InStyle’s Christmas Miracle

Do you remember when you were a child and you had that one special wish? You would write to Santa and whisper in his ear at the mall and would even go as far as to include that special wish in your prayers every night.?

This year Balance InStyle wants to give


Guilty Parent Syndrome

Are you making strides in your career, meeting all your targets and goals and closing deals but don’t feel like you are doing anything particularly outstanding on the homefront and are feeling some guilt around that?

Join the club of every parent on the planet. Seriously, at


What’s your Kryptonite?

My name is Amanda OReilly, I am a CEO (Chief Everything Officer) aka mom, and I am also the Founder and President of Balance InStyle – My company’s superpower is giving people back the most precious commodity of all, TIME. I know first hand that balancing parenthood


When you should hire a virtual personal assistant

A VPA is a worthwhile investment for your business if you find that you are:

Procrastinating. This generally happens because you don’t have the resources, knowledge, or skill proficiency to do it well. Outsource to someone who does. You’re dreading a task and keep putting it off until tomorrow.  If you view the

The Uberfication Of Everything

We have become a generation who will not wait; and are used to instantaneous results. With all the technology at our fingertips, there’s no longer any reason why we should wait.

A decade ago many of us avoided or rejected the concept of buying clothes online.  Online retailers are now among the fasted growing eCommerce


Taking employee benefits to the next level.

You care about your staff. and you want to free them up to focus on what they do best. You’re looking for a practical solution to support their wellbeing, and it needs to be straight forward. Of course you do! But how? Ever consider a Corporate/Virtual Concierge program?